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Skinny Love Part 36

“Shit! Are you okay?” Bex exclaimed and sat up.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You answer. “Piss anyone off recently.”

“Just you. Did you call out a hit on me?” She asked, trying to distract you from what you were both thinking.

You look directly in front of you, and see a giant hole going right through the windshield. If Bex hadn’t pulled you down, it would have hit you head on. They were aim for you. 

“It’s me. They were aiming for me.” You realize. 

You suddenly remember seeing something attached to the rock. You brush the shattered glass off of yourself, and frantically look for the rock. Underneath the dashboard, the rock sits with a piece of paper attached by a rubber band. 

You pick up the rock, and pull the paper free. You open it up and read what’s written inside. A number. A dollar amount, adding up to a couple hundred thousand dollars. Austin’s debt.

“What? What’s that?” Bex asks.

You continue to look at the piece of paper in disbelief. Austin said that these guys wanted their money. He said they would come after you. Was this what he was foreshadowing? You thought that that part of your life, the part that involved Austin, was over. You didn’t believe him when he told you you were in danger, but how could it be denied now?

“(Y/N)?” Bex called. You look at her this time. “What is that?” 

You hand it to her, and right away she understood.

 “Okay, let’s go inside.” She says urgently. 

You both quickly get out of the car, and hurry inside. The bar was packed. There was hardly enough room to stand. Tonight would be a busy one. 

Bex pulls you past the crowd and into the back room. You both stay quite and process what had just happened. Bex was just as surprised as you were. You could tell that she was wondering how far these people would go. 

“Maybe they were just trying to scare me.” You offered, trying to calm you both down.

“Well, they’re doing a good job of that.” Bex agrees.

“Do you think they’ll…actually hurt me?” You ask, afraid of the answer.

“I don’t know.” Bex uttered. “What do we do?”

You didn’t know either. The obvious option would be to pay the money, but you didn’t have that kind of money just laying around. What could you do other than panic? What does one do when they’re being harassed by angry man from an illegal poker ring that your idiot boyfriend started?

Should you tell Austin what had happen? No, you couldn’t imagine he would know what to do. He clearly wasn’t handling this well if he thought robbing you was a good idea. Thought this could just be a scare to make Austin pay the money. Maybe you didn’t have to worry. You didn’t want to freak out until you knew that this was a serious threat. 

“We go to work.” You finally answer.

Bex looks at you like your crazy. “(Y/N), there is a hole in my windshield. You could have gotten, at the vary least, a bad concussion. And you want to go to work like nothing happened?”

“Yep.” You tell her. “What would you suggest?”

“Just about anything else.” Bex replies. “Shouldn’t you at least call Harry and tell him what happened?”

“I don’t want to worry him over nothing.” You say. 

“This isn’t nothing!”

“It could be! We don’t know anything about these people. They could just be trying to scare the money out of Austin. Besides, Harry has his own stuff to worry about. I don’t want to add to that.” You explain. “Besides, if this isn’t nothing than I don’t want to rope him into this. What if they go after him too?”

“I sure he cares more about your safety than anything else.” Bex points out. 

“And I care about his. ” You reply. “This stays between you and me.”

Bex scoffs at you. “You are in some serious denial right now. If you aren’t gong to watch your back I will.”

At work you tried your hardest not to think about what happened in the parking lot, but of course it didn’t leave your mind once. These guys pounded Austin’s face in, and made him scared enough for his life that he broke into you car and house looking for money. What could they do to you?

They already demonstrated their perfect aim, using Bex’s car for target practice. Currently they were only trying to send a message, which was received loud and clear, but what did they expect you to do about it? You weren’t even with Austin anymore, and they were still using you to get their money. You shutter to think about what would happen when their message got a little more forceful, and a lot more physical. You didn’t know what they could do to you, but if you were being honest with yourself, you were scared.

But you couldn’t let Austin, and his mess run your life again. You were happy with Harry, and you didn’t anything to get in the way of your happiness. So until you knew for sure that something more dangerous that having rocks being thrown a you was going to happen, you intended to keep this to yourself, and try not to panic.

At the end of your shift, you and Bex waited for a tow truck to pick up her car, and took a cab back to the venue. When you got there, they were on their last song of the encore. You both watched from the wing. 

They looked like they were all having the time of their lives; dancing around like idiots, and feeding off the energy of the crowd, which was going absolutely insane. Harry was on the far side of the stage, and even after the day he had with the Lucy drama you could tell that he was happy. It made your heart melt to see him smiling and doing the thing that he loved, and you’d be damned if you let anyone take that away from him, especially Lucy. 

Finally the song was over, and after saying their goodbyes to the audience the boys all rushed off the stage. Harry made a mad dash toward you. He scooped you up in his arms, and spun you around.

“Woah! Good show?” You ask once he stops spinning.

“Amazing show! “He said, smiling from ear to ear. “I’m sorry you missed it though.” 

“I know. I’m sorry I had to work, but I caught the end. You were incredible!” You gush.

“You make me great.” Harry tells you. His smile fades, as his eyes focus on your cheek. “What is that.”

He raises his hand to your cheek, and brushed it lightly.

“Looks like you’ve cut yourself.” He told you. “What happened.”

You step back from him, and bring you hand to your cheek. The glass from the windshield must have cut you when it shattered. “Oh, I broke a glass today at work. It must have cut my cheek.” You lie. 

“So clumsy.” Harry teases. “So we were all going to go out tonight. Do you want to come?”

“Of course! Where?”

“The Funky Buddha.”

“Liam’s idea?”

“Of course.” Harry confirms. “Let me just get changed! Ill meet you in a bit?” 


Harry hurries to the dressing room, and you go to the bathroom. You look in the mirror, and see that you have a sizable scratch on your right cheek. You rip a aper towel out of the holder, and douse it with water. Then, in an attempt to wipe the cut right off your face, you furiously scrub the cut. Bex comes in and see’s you scrubbing your face like a mad man. 

“What are you doing?” She asks as she removes your hand from your face. “You’re going to bore a hole in your face.”

“I’m scared, Bex,” You admit, nearly in tears. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I’m scared.”

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. We are not going to let anything happen.” Bex assures you. “You’re safe. We’ll figure something out. Come on, let’s tell Harry.”

She tries to pull you out of the bathroom, but you pull back. 

“No, Bex! I meant what I said about not telling him.” You state. “He’s happy! We’re happy! I don’t want to worry him, and I don’t want anything to happen to him!” 

“Oh my god! Could you be anymore stubborn. You just admit that you’re worried! How do you expect to stay safe if you won’t tell anyone you’re in danger?” She tested. 

“I don’t know, Bex!” You cry. “Will you please just keep it to yourself for a little while? Please?”

Bex isn’t look happy, but she said, “Fine. But please, please be careful.” 

“I will be.” You agree, and wipe your tears. “Come on then.”

You make your way to meet Harry, trying to make the smile on your face convincing. Unfortunately, the second Harry could see you he knew something was wrong. 

“Are you okay?” He wonders. 

“Yeah? Why?” You ask, still trying to seem like your normal self. 

“You have that face. The one you have when you’re thinking about something troubling.” He told you.

“I do not have a face.” You scoff.

“You so have a face. And I know all of them. This is the worried face.” He pointed out. 

“I’m just thinking about Lucy.” You lie. “That’s all.”

“Don’t. She can’t touch us. We are solid.” Harry assures you. “Okay?”

“Okay.” You reply. 

You all walk out to the van together to head to the Funky Buddha. You stay behind with Niall and Bex so no one would think you and Harry were together. The second the boys step outside, everybody goes crazy. There was screaming, some crying, and a whole lot of camera flashes. It wasn’t long before the paparazzi started in on the questions. 

“Harry, is it true?” Someone shouted.

“Did you beat your girlfriend?”

“Why’d you hit her?! Tell us.”

The paparazzi were bad, but only a mild annoyance compared to the people; they were atrocious. They were calling Harry obscene things, and accusing him of appalling things. They spewed hatred things at him like he was public enemy number one. People were actually buying what Lucy was selling them, and they loathed Harry for it. They were seething with anger at what Harry had supposedly done, and they were ripping him apart. You never seem people so keen on tearing someone down; it was severely disconcerting.

Harry kept his head down so you couldn’t see his expression, but you knew he wasn’t prepared for this so soon. Just moments ago he was on cloud nine, and now he was crashing and burning. You noticed him quicken his pace to get to out of the line of fire, and into the van faster.  

The body guards swiftly ushered all of you into the van. You slid in next to Harry in the back seat. The smile from his face was no where to be found, and instead there was a a very fraught expression. 

“Harry?” You ask. You place your hand on his forearm in an effort to comfort him. 

Without looking at you he says, “And so it begins.”

Love you guys xxx