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Skinny Love Part 25

You didn’t stop moving until you made it to Bex’s place. Even when you were sitting the cab, you couldn’t stop fidgeting. You were so anxious to get away from Harry’s and now that you had you were even more concerned about how you and Harry were supposed to be normal after this.

You almost wished that you’d just kept your mouth shut. Would concealing your feelings be easier than enduring the inevitable awkwardness that was on the horizon? Would you have even been able to keep your feelings to yourself, or would you have ended up telling Harry anyways?

No, you couldn’t keep this from him. By the look on his face, he already knew that you liked him. Why wouldn’t he just set you straight instead letting you fall for him? Harry was a nice guy, and you couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just tell you how he felt the moment he realize that you liked him as more than just a friend. 

By the time you’d gotten to Bex’s you’d calmed down significantly. You didn’t want to cry about this. You were tired of crying. And to be frank, this wasn’t a huge lose. It wasn’t as if you had lost Harry; by the way that he was pleading with you to stay, he still wanted to be friends. You had strong feelings for him, but you could convince your self it was a mild flirtation. You were upset about how it turned out, but it was something that would pass. Hopefully. 

You paid the driver, and sprinted up to Bex’s door. You rap on the door, and she answered.

“Hey,” She greeted you. “What’s going on?”

She didn’t appear to be upset with you about last night. Which was good because you needed your friend right now. 

“I just left Harry’s house…” You tell her.

“What happened?” Bex asked, sensing that all was not well. She pulled you into her house, and shut the door.

“Well, it looks like you were all wrong.” You say, trying to seem nonchalant.

“Wrong about what? Thinking you could handle yourself at a club? Yeah, I think that’s obvious.” Bex teases, trying to make you laugh.

 “Harry just wants to be friends, Bex. He doesn’t like me.” You inform her, in no mood to joke.

Bex looked at you tenderheartedly, and pulled you into a hug. “Oh, (Y/N). I’m so sorry. I really thought that he did.”

“Just another way my instincts have betray me.” You say defeatedly. 

Bex lets go and the two of you walk further into her home. You both sit down on her couch, and you see that Bex has a suspicious look on her face. 

“What? What’s that face?” You ask.

“What exactly did he say?” She wanted to know.

"He said ‘I think we should just be friends’.” You tell her.

A smile spread across Bex’s face. “He totally likes you.” She asserts.

You raise an eyebrow at her. “And you’re totally crazy.” Just then, your phone rang in your hand.

“That’s him isn’t it?” Bex guessed.

“Yeah, he just wants to make sure I’m okay. I left pretty quickly.” You say as you ignore the call.

“Mhmm. Think about it, (Y/N). Harry didn’t say the words ‘I don’t like you’. And I’ve seen the way he looks at you. You don’t look at just anyone like that.” Bex points out. “And now he’s calling you?” 

“He’s trying to be a good friend, Bex” You deflect.

“But normally in a situation like this wouldn’t he avoid you for a bit? Until the crippling awkwardness is gone?” Your phone rights again. 

“For someone that just wants to be friends, he’s overcompensating an awful lot.” She points out.

You weren’t buying it.

 “Okay, tell me everything. From the beginning.” Bex requests.

You explain everything that happened that morning in vast detail. You make sure to tell Bex ever the smallest of details such as facial expressions and Harry’s lack of eye contact. You make sure to highlight how he was nearly begging you to stay.

You could see Bex picking everything apart, and deciphering it all. You hoped that she would have some answers. She felt so strongly that he hadn’t told you the truth. Was she right?

“Well, I’m confused.” Bex finally says. “What he said and his actions don’t match. There must be some reason that he said he only wanted to be friends even though he blatantly wants more. And what was with the phone calls he was getting?”

“You can entertain that conspiracy theory all you want. But I can’t do that to myself.” You tell Bex. “I asked Harry to tell me the truth, and I have to believe that he respected me enough to do that.”

“Why are you fighting it so hard, (Y/N)? What if it turns out he liked you all along, and you wouldn’t pick up the phone to find out? What if he’s calling to correct a mistake?”

“Bex! Will you stop?! If Harry wanted to be with me he would have said so. I can’t keep wondering if there’s something between us.”

Your phone rings a third time. This time Bex snatches it out of your hand and answers it. 

“(Y/N)’s phone!…Yeah she’s fine….Oh yeah, she told me. Can’t stay I believe it though…Oh, of course….Sure, hold on.” She refocused her attention on you. “Will you please talk to him, (Y/N). He sounds really worried about you.”

“No, Bex. I can’t. Tell him I’m fine, and not to worry about it.” You command.


“Do it Bex!”

She unwillingly obeys. “Harry, she’s okay.”

He raised his voice, and you could hear him on the other end. “I know she’s not okay! And it’s my fault.” He did sound awful. “I just need to hear her voice…”

You shook your head at Bex.

“I’m sorry, Harry. She’s not really in a talking mood….yeah, I’ll tell her…Alright, bye, Harry.” And with that she hung up.

“Bex, what the hell?!” You shouted.

“Well, he sounded pretty upset. Not at all convincing though. He’s an awful liar; he definitely likes you.” Bex told you as she handed you your phone. “He says he’s sorry. You should talk to him.”

“I can’t…” You mumble. “I can’t face him right now. And I know you mean well, but please just let me handle this.”

“Fine…” Bex agrees, but you can see wheels turning in her head.

Throughout the rest of the day Harry must have called you about ten times. Against Bex’s pleas, you let it ring each and every time. You couldn’t talk to him right now. Not only were you upset about the outcome of the conversation, but you were embarrassed about how you acted.

You must have seemed like a crazy person, trying to escape an asylum. You wished you’d handled the truth with grace. That way it would be easier for both of you to slide back into the relationship you had before.

But now Harry knew that you were upset, and he wasn’t going to drop the conversation until he knew you were okay. Which meant that another conversation would have to be had on the subject. You weren’t ready for that yet, so all phone calls from Harry went unanswered.

Day turned into night, and night turned back into day and you still hadn’t talk to Harry. You knew you couldn’t avoid him forever, you just needed a little bit of time. Harry, however, kept calling. The persistent ring was becoming the soundtrack of your life. 

You found it somewhat endearing how worried Harry was about you. However, you thought it was also sort of odd. He said he wanted to be friends, and while this was very friendly, it was most a bit over kill. You had to admit: there were some things about this that didn’t make sense. 

Maybe Bex was right. Was he calling because he made a mistake? Had he lied before? That didn’t even make sense. Why would Harry say he only wanted to be friends if he liked you back? 

No. You had to push that out of your head. You already had enough to be uncertain about. You would have to take Harry at his word or else you were going to lose it. This was not something you could afford to let take over your every waking thought. You brushed off any suspicions, and went on with your day. 

Around late afternoon, the calls stopped. You were relieved, but also worried. As long as he was calling, Bex’s theory had plausibility. Had Harry stopped calling because he was simply understanding that you wanted your space, or was he giving up on righting his wrong? 

You weren’t exactly sure which option you preferred; this situation was unprecedented. You mostly just wanted to get through this with your friendship still intact. Little did you know that things were about to get even more complicated.