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Skinny Love Part 33

“Oh, yeah? What about?” You ask nervously. “Is Lucy calling you again?”

“Oh, no. Nothing like that.” He replies.

“Jezz, you could have had a better lead in.” You tell him. “I thought this was going to be about her.”

“Well, it is a little bit. Management gave me a call this morning.” He finally told you.

You turn to him. “About Lucy?”

“And you.”

“Okay, please explain.”

“Well, they said people ever been pictured together a lot recently, and people are starting to form an opinion about us.” Harry informed you. 

“Okay…and that opinion isn’t good I assume?” You ask trying to make sense of this.

“Well they like you, but they don’t like…us…” He finished.

“They don’t like us together.” You understood. 

“Management seems to think its because Lucy and I have only been apart for two months. People really took a liking to her.” Harry comments. 

“God forbid you move on. Please don’t tell me they want you to get back together with her, Harry.” You groan.

“No, god no. I would never even consider that. They think that we should tell everyone we’re just friends for a little while.” Harry told you. “Not that she deserves any of my sympathy, but they don’t want me to appear ‘insensitive’.”

So management didn’t like you with Harry. You felt like you should be a little bit more annoyed that Harry was letting management tell him what to do when it came to his relationships. You couldn’t care less what the paparazzi or anyone else thought of you, especially if it was on the subject of Lucy, and you wished that Harry felt the same way. Though you supposed that what people thought about him reflected on the band, and that could hurt their success. You only cared what Harry thought about you, and you knew that your relationship was solid, so you supposed that you would go along with management for now. You were sure that this relationship couldn’t stay a secret for too long. 

“I guess if they think thats a good idea. I just want what’s best for you.” You told him. 

“And I want whats best for us. So if you’re not comfortable with this, say the word, and I’ll tell management ‘no’.” Harry promised. 

“No, it’s okay really. Besides, you know I’m not a huge fan of the paparazzi. Maybe this way they’ll leave us alone for a little while.” You say.

“Thank you for being so understanding about this. It’s not forever, I promise.” Harry smiled, and then kissed you on the cheek. “Now go get ready. You take forever.”

“Hey! Excuse me for trying to look pretty.”

“You always look pretty.” Harry says, looking at you lustfully.

“If you keep looking at me like that we may never leave this room.” You warn him.

A car comes to pick you and Harry up to take you to the venue, and you enter through the back entrance to avoid paparazzi. You found yourself wondering how much of your time would be taken up by evading the paparazzi. You and Harry would have to be meticulous in your actions every time you were out together. Anyone would be watching at any moment. You wondered how this was going to affect you in the long run, but you had faith that not matter what happened after the interview you and Harry would be perfectly fine.

You and Harry walked into the venue hand in hand, and the second Bex saW you she peeled herself away from Niall, and made a b-line toward you. 

“Oh my god! I thought you were in a sex coma!” She shouted. 

“Bex!” You scolded. 

“Not for lack of trying.” Harry tells Bex.

They high five and you just look at both of them and shake your head. 

“I’m just going to leave you two alone for a bit.” He says. He gives you a sweet kiss on the cheek, and walks off to meet the boys. 

“Tell me everything!” Bex commands. “Was it perfect?! Was it better than perfect!?”

“What’s better than perfect?” You patronize. 

“Oh, you know what I mean!” Bex says in frustration. 

“Bex,” You begin. “It was amazing. He’s amazing. I love him. I never thought this was possible; to feel this way about anyone, but I do. It only been a couple weeks, but I really think that he could be it for me.”

“And who do you have to thank for making you go?” She boasted.

You began telling her about managements plan for you two when you were interrupted. 

“Could you stop standing around, and do your job. Where is Harry?”

You both turn to see Lucy standing before you. You were immediately at a lost for words. What the hell was she doing her? How did she get it? Why did she think you were the help?

“Pardon?” You stammer. 

“Harry Styles. The Harry Styles. My boyfriend.” Lucy snarled. “Shouldn’t you be fetching him a water or something?”

Did she just say ‘her boyfriend’? 

“I’m sorry!?” You sneer at her. “Last I checked I was-“

“He’s over there.” Bex cut in, pointing in the opposite direction of where the boys were. 

You wait for Lucy to be out of ear shot before you say, “What a bitch. What is she even doing here?”

“Dude, “You were about to blow the secret! She had no idea who you were. And she called Harry her boyfriend.” She reminded you. 

“Come on, we have to tell Harry that she’s here.” You insist. 

You and Bex hurry to the boys dressing room. You peek your head in with your hand over your eyes. 

“Everybody decent?” You ask. 

“Well, Harry’s not got pants on but thats nothing you haven’t seen.” Louis teases. 

The boys all burst out in laughter.

“You guys are children.” You tell them. You remove your hand and make your way over to Harry. You pull him aside.

“What? Is something wrong?” He asks, sensing your anxiety.

“She’s here, Harry.” You tell him in a serious tone. 

“She?” Harry asks. 

“Lucy is here. She called you her boyfriend, and she’s looking for you.” You fill him in. “She thought I was the help. She wasn’t exactly polite either.”

Harry froze for a minute, and you worry that this may be the return of awkward Harry, and the departure of your perfect relationship. After only a week Lucy was back to ruin it. But then Harry spoke again. 

“She was mean to you? She doesn’t even know you; thats odd.” He said.

You forgot that Harry was unaware of her true nature. Otherwise he wouldn’t think it so bizarre that Lucy would be so impolite for no reason. As far as he knew she was just the girl that broke his heart, not the girl that never loved him in the first place. 

"I didn’t answer her calls for days, and now she shows up here? I don’t understand what’s going on with her. This doesn’t make sense. Regardless, we’re going to set her straight.” Harry gets up, but you pull him back down.

“What are you going to tell her? That I’m your girlfriend, and she can piss off? Won’t that make you seem insensitive? The opposite of what management wants?” You point out to him. 

“Well, I’m not going to let her be rude to you even if it is out of character. You don’t deserve that.” Harry affirmed. “This is ridiculous. I can’t believe she would come here after everything. Hasn’t she done enough to hurt me. And now I can’t even defend my actual girlfriend. I didn’t know she was going to be here, and even so, it doesn’t mean anything. She doesn’t mean anything to me.”

“I know. Look, she can be rude to me all she wants; you’re mine and not hers. I don’t have anything to prove to her. I can handle her.” You assure him. “We’re going to be fine.”

“Boys, the interview is in five minutes.” On the the stage hands come in and told everyone. 

“Ready?” You ask Harry. You could tell that he was a little worried about the possibility of seeing Lucy again. You understood that seeing your ex for the first time was always hard regardless of what else was going on in your life. It was important that he knew you were there for him. You just hoped that she wasn’t up to something. 

What could she be doing here? Was she trying to get back together with him? Or maybe just looking for more attention? Just being around Harry meant that she would be in the public eye. She didn’t have to be dating him for attention; maybe that was her plan. Though from what the boys told you about her, it seemed like there was something else to it. You felt like it couldn’t be that simple.

Everyone else had cleared the room, and headed to the interview while you and Harry remained on the couch. 

Harry turned to you. He leaned into you, and kisses you softly. When he pulled away he said, “Now I’m ready.”

You walk to the interview separately, official beginning your duty of acting like you were just friends. You sit off to the side with Bex as Harry joins the others in the interview chairs. 

“Everything okay?” Bex asked.

“I think it will be.” You tell her. 

The interview was going smoothly, but you held your breath for the interviewer to ask about you. You should tell that Harry was waiting anxiously as well. Normal questions about the band were asked at first. About the tour coming, about the new album, and the new fragrance. Some questions about Perrie and Zayn were asked. And then finally some questions were directed to Harry, but not the questions anyone was expecting. 

“So Harry. We’ve noticed that you haven’t been spending a lot of time with Lucy recently. Is there something going on there?” The reporter asked. 

The boys all groaned and fussed, as they hated when people asked about their personal lives. But Harry knew that this needed to be addressed, so like a good interviewee, he answered the question professionally.

“We’ve decided to go our separate ways. But I wish her all the best in the future.” Harry said. 

“Well I had the pleasure of sitting down with her earlier today,” The interview told the boys. “And she told me some interesting things.” 

“Pardon. Harry sat up straight, and looked perplexed. “What did she tell you?”


Anonymous: Skinny Love us epic ! Incredible writing ! When does 33 come out ?


Artist: Ed Sheeran


Don’t (Explicit) - Ed Sheeran

I didn’t know I needed this in my life ‘til I heard it. What a beauty.