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Skinny Love Part 23

It didn’t take long before you really began to feel the alcohol working its magic. You just wanted to forget about everything that happened that day. Once you were sober, you weren’t likely to ever forget what Austin had done to your relationship, and you were going to take any opportunity to just live without that on your mind for a couple hours. 

You were having a good time at the club. You pulled Bex onto the dance floor in between shots regardless of the song, or if she wanted to. And when Bex stopped dancing with you for fear of vomiting all over the dance floor, you basically just started pulling random strangers on the floor with you. You couldn’t keep count of how many guys you let grind up against you, and touch you in places that strangers probably shouldn’t have their hands, but you didn’t really care. Bex wanted you to get out of your head, and right now there wasn’t a lot going on up there. 

Bex was not having as good a time. She could not hold her liquor as well as you could, and with every shot that she took with you, you could see her cringing. Eventually she called it, and sat at the bar watching you to make sure that you didn’t get into any trouble. Once she sobered up, and saw that you were not behaving as well as she hoped, she tried to intervene. 

“Okay, (Y/N),” She said as she cut through the crowd on the dance floor. “Time to leave.”

She tried to pull you away from the newest guy that you enlisted to help you on your crusade to forget everything from the last 24 hours, but you slipped out of her grasp.

“Come on, Bex. You’re the one that wanted me to get out of my head! And now I am! I don’t want to leave.” You protest as you sloppily put you arm around your dance partner. He places his hand on your ass, and Bex winces at the sight.  

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, (Y/N), but this isn’t you. You don’t throw yourself at guys like this.” 

“I am not throwing myself at anybody! Right?” You ask the stranger. As a response he begins kissing your neck. “Don’t ruin my night, you party pooper!”

“(Y/N)! We are leaving right now!” Bex grabs ahold of you, and this time you can’t break free. 

“Get off of me! I don’t want to go!” You shout. You momentarily detach yourself from your stranger, and shove Bex away from you with your free hand. Even though you were practically wasted, you were strong enough to make her let go and send her crashing into other dancers. She stumbled off the dance floor, and you assumed that she had admit defeat. 

You continued dancing, and drinking, and soon, you were getting pretty sloppier as the night wore on. It wasn’t like you to do such reckless things like drink like a fish, and dance so scandalously with someone that before that night you’d never meet. 

But there was something so freeing about not having to worry about what the person thought about you, because chances were you would never see them again. You didn’t have to worry if your instincts were off about them, because it didn’t matter. You didn’t have to second guess yourself about whether of not they liked you back, or if they were the person you thought they were. You were just having fun. 

About a half hour later, the number of shots that you’d taken were in the double digits, and you’d had several beers on top of that.  Everything was getting hazy, and you were fading fast.

Soon, you spotted Bex by the door. She was talking to someone what you couldn’t really make out. As you bounced around with yet another stranger, you began to get dizzy. You tried your hardest to focus in on the the person Bex was with. Finally you realized that it was Harry; Bex had called Harry to make you leave. 

They began walking toward you, and you turned your head and pretended not to notice them. You didn’t want to leave this club. You don’t want to leave this freedom. You threw your arms around the guy, who was clearly not a winner, and pulled him closer to you.

When Bex and Harry reach you, Bex tries to pull you away again. “(Y/N), come on. We’re leaving.” She says adamantly. 

You look at her and Harry, and both of them seemed to be spinning. There were two of each of them, and you couldn’t tell what was real and what was fake. You just stood there, holding onto the stranger, mostly for support at this point, and try to figure out which Harry was really Harry.  

Harry, sensing that you were not in your right mind, stepped in. “(Y/N), let me take you home.”, and places his hand on your back.

“Hey! I think she’s made it clear that she doesn’t want to leave, so why don’t you both back off!” The stranger shouts at them, and gives Harry a shove. 

“Sorry, you’ve known her for what? A couple hours? How could you possible know what she wants?” Harry retorted. 

“She seems pretty content to me.” Said the stranger. 

“Harry,” You stammer. “I don’t want to go.” At this point your words were beyond slurred.

“Why  are you doing this? This isn’t you; you’re smarter than this.” Harry informs you.

“Well, I wasn’t smart enough to see that he was a ass.” You say, referring to Austin. “So maybe this is me. If you don’t like it, then you can leave.” You say coldly.

Harry takes one look at you, and you know that he wasn’t going anywhere without you. “I know you’re hurting, (Y/N), but I can guarantee you that this guy,” He says gesturing toward your dancing friend. “is not going to help.”

“Well, maybe I just wanna be with someone who isn’t afraid to admit that he likes me! You’re a coward!” You spat harshly. “And it’s pathetic.”

Harry instant looks hurt. He looks for you to your dance partner. You partner was holding you up due to you sudden unstableness with one hand on your ass, and the other snaked around your waist. The hurt expression that was on Harry face turned to anger, and he firmly stated. “We’re going home.” He asserts, and tried to get you away from your very handsy dance partner. 

“Hey, lay off!” The guy says. He lets go of you and takes a swing at Harry. 

Harry ducks just in time, and gives the stranger a strong enough push to move him away from you. Then he swiftly picks you up, and folds you over his shoulder, and leaves the club with half your body dangling behind him. 

“Harry! Put me down!” You demanded. 

“No, (Y/N). That’s enough for one night!” He replies. 

You pounded on his back in an attempt to make him put you down. Once you realize that it is futile, you burst into tears. “You don’t have to pretend that you care! I’m not yours! Why do you care! Just leave me alone!”

  Once outside Harry puts you down. “No! I will never leave you alone, (Y/N)!” His expression softens. “I care… a lot.” Harry coaxes.  

Your heart would have melted to hear Harry say those words, except you couldn’t hear him because the second he put you down, everything around you starts to spin and you stumble around to keep your balance. You see Harry’s look of concern, and he reaches out for you. He shouts your name, and you feel him grab a hold of you. Then your vision becomes spotted with black dots, and soon everything goes fuzzy and then dark.